Which telescope should I buy?

Q. Which telescope should I buy?

A. Whichever telescope you pick, choose one that will meet your precise needs and hobbies. The planets, the Moon, and close stars require high power, good contrast, and sharp resolution, and if these are the objects of your attention, a refractor or reflector is probably the best bet. 

While very faint objects like galaxies and nebulae need a huge aperture and you should invest in a big reflector telescope to view these. 

If you haven't determined one specific specialised area, an all-purpose mid-range telescope should serve best. For example a 6" or 8" reflector or an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain.

It's also important that you feel comfortable with the telescope and really enjoy using it - if you enjoy using it you'll use it more often and you'll see more with it. 

The best first telescope is one that is easy to get out, set up, look through and store after use ready for the next clear sky.