How do I collimate my Telescope?

Q: How do I collimate my Telescope?

A: The purpose of collimating your telescope to ensure that the internal components of your telescope are aligned with one and other to give you the optimal performance possible from the equipment. There are several good guides that are available that give step by step instructions on how to successfully collimate your equipment. This process may need to be done before you use the Telescope each time, depending on how it is transported, but a well-built piece of equipment will not need that amount of frequent setup. If you do find that the image accuracy and quality is diminishing the first step should be to collimate.

A Beginner’s Guide to Collimation - A 2012 article written by Gary Seronik for Newtonian Reflectors

How to collimate your telescope - A 2015 article written by Pete Lawrence on Sky At Night website for both Newtonian and Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes.

Please be aware that there are several guides available on YouTube that go into great detail on how to collimate your Telescope using a Laser Collimator. If you purchase a Laser Collimator we would recommend viewing one of these videos instead as you can often view the video side by side to collimating yourself.