Could you recommend a decent table top telescope?

Q. I'm interested in a decent table top telescope and the one that interests me is the Skywatcher Skymax-90. It says that it can do up to 250x Magnification. How clear would that be, would I be able to see say a planet (e.g. Saturn) clearly or a galaxy?

A. The Skymax would certainly be a decent low cost option for getting you into stargazing, and is indeed very portable but quite powerful due to the use of lenses and a pair of mirrors to increase the power. What you'll be able to see through it really comes down to your viewing conditions (location and light pollution levels, seeing conditions on the night in question.) For a nice detailed look at what you'd expect to see with varying sizes and qualities of scope we'd recommend having a look at the following two articles which both run along the same vein, the first giving extensive visual examples. These would be a good read to consider your own personal needs.

All of the telescopes Wex carry can in some way be detached from the tripod, to form just the OTA (Optical Tube Assembly), which can be mounted on to taller, more sturdy and ideally motorised mounts. Most can even "piggyback" onto another telescope if you want to extend your equipment by purchasing a larger scope. 
We would just advise that with the little tabletop tripods you need to be quite careful not to touch them, and they do need constant re-positioning with the speed at which extra-terrestrial objects move across the sky. 
For a scope around this budget, as long as you don't suffer too much with light pollution then the  Heritage 90P gives you the same scope with an easier to use motorised mount. If you live anywhere with light pollution we'd tend to suggest something a little larger and more sturdy such as the  Celestron Astromaster 130EQ (motorised) for a brighter and better viewing experience, although this would obviously be a significantly larger option.