My Manfrotto lever lock legs are too loose and do not support the weight.

Q. - My Manfrotto lever lock legs are too loose and do not support the weight of the tripod.

A. - Manfrotto supply a small adjustment tool clipped to the leg of each tripod which is designed to be kept with the tripod and used to adjust the tension on the legs if they work loose over time.  Please follow the steps below to correctly adjust this tension.

1) Remove the adjustment tool from the leg of the tripod.

2) Loosen the lever lock to be adjusted - THE ADJUSTMENT MUST BE MADE WITH THE LEVER IN THE OPEN, UNLOCKED POSITION. locate the hexagonal nut on the inside of the tripod leg lock (the lower of the two screws when the tripod is oriented in an upright position.) 3) Place the adjustment tool onto the nut and tighten in a clockwise rotation - make a 1/4 turn adjustment, remove the tool and test the leg lock for the correct tension.  

The leg lock should be slightly stiff to close when correctly tensioned. If the leg lock still slips slightly when moderate downward pressure is applied repeat steps 2 and 3.  Please observe the maximum weight capacity stated for your individual tripod and do not over-tighten beyond what is necessary to meet this capability.  Do not force the adjustment tool, the adjustment should only require finger and thumb pressure to tighten - if the tool is very stiff to rotate when making your adjustments ensure the leg lock is properly loosened.