What lenses are compatible with my Canon DSLR?

Q.  What lenses are compatible with my Canon DSLR?

A.  EF-S lenses are suitable for a crop sensor Canon DSLR and EF for full frame Canon DSLR's. EF lenses can be used on a crop sensor camera however the focal length(s) of the lens will be magnified by a crop factor of 1.6x.

For example an EF 50mm lens on a crop sensor DSLR will become 80mm (50 x 1.6 = 80). A 70-200mm lens will become 112-320mm.

You cannot use EF-S  lenses on full frame DSLR

Canon's full frame range of cameras are currently the 1D, 1DX, 1DX II, 5DS, 5D II, III, IV and 6D. All other of their DSLR range have a crop sensor.

Please see chart below for lens compatibility for other Canon Fit lenses

Brand Crop Full
Canon EF-S EF
Sigma DC DG
Tamron DI-II DI