What Film should I Buy?

Q. What Type of Film should I buy?

A. The type of film you buy will depend on the type of camera that you are using and the lighting conditions.

Films has ISO (ASA), generally 50 100 and 400

 400 ISO film is used in the winter and 50 or 100 in the summer (when shooting outside)

It is important to check the film that you purchasing, you can get black and white, colour negative as well as positive film.

Fuji  Velvia and Provia are colour positive films, you will also hear them being referred to as transparencies  so cannot be printed in the dark room and you will need different chemicals to process them (E6)

Standard colour negative film is processed with C41 chemicals, which local photographic stores will use to develop your negatives

Standard SLRs take 35mm film

Medium format cameras take 120mm film, the number of negatives you will get per roll with depend on the sensor size but are normally around 12.

These are the standard films that we stock , so double check the size that you are ordering

Other cameras such a lomography , fuji instax use film a specific size to their products and is worth checking the model of camera which the specific film it requires; a lot of lomography products use 110mm film

You may notice 5x4 film on the website, this is used in large format camera where you load the piece of film into a dark slide