How do you rate the used goods you sell?

Q: How do the ratings work with used goods? 

A: The ratings work downwards from 10, with 10 being the highest. 

Condition 10 - These items are very rare and are generally only put towards orders that a customer has wanted to return as unwanted but have done so outside of the 30 day window. It will mean that they have been inspected and tested a small but will be considered to be in a brand new condition. 

Condition 9 - Is rated with either a + or a - but both will be in basically an as new condition. The items would have been used and maybe have picked up a couple of cosmetic marks but the item will be in full working order. 

As they work down it will be based on the overall appearance of the item but all goods should (unless stated otherwise) be in complete working order. 

We also offer Open Box, Mail Order Return and Refurbished items. 

Open Box (OB) is for items which, much like condition 10 items, has been opened, inspected and tested but returned within the first 30 days as unwanted. 

Mail Order Returns (MO) are items which the customer never opened before deciding to return, so it will have been shipped back and forth within the Parcel Force system but never opened or tested. 

Refurbished (R) items are those that have been refurbished by the manufacturer and put back up for sale.